Sandcastles Program La Crosse County Family Court Approved

Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce the Sandcastles Way

based on the program mandated in Family Courts Nationwide

Created by M. Gary Neuman L.M.H.C.

Ages 6-7 Program

Ages 8-10 Program

Ages 11-13 Program

Ages 14-17 Program

Adult Parenting Program

Sandcastles Certificates upon completion of the Sandcastles Program to satisfy Family Court for Divorce

Children & Adolescents ages 6-17, whose parents have divorce proceedings in La Crosse County.

As a nationally recognized program, Sandcastle's has helped countless children and teens through the emotional difficulties associated with divorce.  The program provides a safe, neutral, and supportive environment where children and teens can develop skills to cope positively with their feelings.  The goals of the program are to help children and adolescents see they are normal and not alone in their feelings.  Through discussions, worksheets, play, and role playing, children and adolescents learn skills to cope, to understand, and gain insight into their feelings and thoughts as they learn to communicate effectively in relation to their feelings about divorce.  Children & Adolescents learn how to talk with their parents, ask questions, and create positive coping strategies.  All Materials created in the program are confidential and cannot be used in the divorce process.

The Sandcastles course is offered year-round at Counseling Associates LLC by Mental Health Therapist Tania Lynne Sidiqi. MS LPC,  located downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin in the Scenic Center Building at 115 5th Avenue South in Suite 301

Tania started her professional Career as a K12 School Counselor for 11 years and has worked directly with children, adolescents and parents in the La Crosse area for 23 years as a Professional Counselor.

Children and Adolescents will meet for 4 individual counseling sessions with Tania Sidiqi and will receive a certificate upon completion of the 4 individual sessions.

To register and schedule your child or adolescent for the program please call Counseling Associates at 608.785.0827 or 608.571.4325.  When calling please mention you are scheduling for the Sandcastle's program and provide the following information:  Divorce Case Number; Date Filed for Divorce; Name, Birthdate, and Age of the child/adolescent; Mother's Name and Address; Father's Name and address as well as contact numbers and the name of the Parent that child/adolescent resides with currently and their address as well as insurance information.  Self-pay options are also available.

Please notify Tania of there are any protective/restraining orders in place.