Domestic Violence Assessment 

You have been requested to have a Domestic Violence Assessment.  What should you expect and what will you need to provide.

Schedule as soon as possible.  You may be given a time-frame to get this completed.  Do not wait until the last minute to call for an appointment.  There are limited providers that do these and a limited number of appointments in which these can be completed.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out paper work etc.  

The assessment will last between 60 minutes to 90 minutes.  Please provide the needed material at the initial appointment to decrease the need for further appointments.  

Fee may or may not be covered by insurance.  You will be given the self-pay rate when scheduling.  Assessments are not released until the fee is received.  Please keep that in mind when scheduling.  Paying at the time of the assessment is best to assure you get the assessment released time.

Releases of information will be needed for the alleged victim of the incident.  Please attempt to bring phone number, email address if at all possible at the time of the appointment.  Release of information will be needed for diversion officer, probation agent, attorney or others who will receive the completed assessment.  Please bring names, addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers for the individuals who will receive your assessment.

Police reports, diversion agreements, and/or other court documents are needed at the time of the assessment.  It is your responsibility to secure these to present them at the time of the appointment through your lawyer, law enforcement, or probation/diversion officer.  The assessment cannot be completed without these papers.